The official website of professional actor and fight coordinator Kendall Wells.

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Known for his work on NBC’s Grimm, TNT’S The LibrariansTNT’s Leverage, SpikeTV’s Deadliest Warrior3Net’s Scary Tales, and the ground-breaking web series and soon-to-release feature film The Hunted, Kendall is a skilled actor, fight teacher, fight choreographer, bladed weapons specialist, and whip artistry specialist.

He has trained, choreographed, and /or performed action with Rebecca RomijnJerry O’ConnellNoah Wyle, Mark PellegrinoLindy BoothJohn LarroquetteChristian KaneCarlo RotaMaddie HassonMackenzie RosmanLesley-Ann Brandt, and more.

Kendall is represented by Q6 Model & Artist MGMT in Portland, OR, ADR Talent Agency in Hawaii and Asia, and Hutson Talent Agency in Portsmouth, VA. He is available to work in film, television, theatre, and other live events across the U.S. and internationally. He is certified to teach the De Longis Method of fight performance by sword and whip master Anthony De Longis, as well as a licensed instructor of Shinkendo and a student under Sensei Matthew Lynch.

Regardless of your project, Kendall is a strong asset in front of or behind the camera, having been featured in various television, film, and theatre projects, as well as such magazines as Backstage and Impact. Please view Kendall’s acting reels and stunt reel to get an idea of what he can bring to your production.

In addition, Kendall is available as a theatrical martial arts (stage combat) teacher for film, television, and stage, available to come to your university, college, high school, theatre company, or conservatory for workshops or ongoing classes. Kendall is also available for private and group classes scheduled to your liking. He also provides the Northwestern United States with regular fight performance classes in Portland, OR, covering unarmed, swords, sticks, knives, whips, and more.